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Workflow: InstGroup group names must be unique

The SLG, the one responsible for pathfinding on a Board, is set up by specifying the Board it’s pathfinding with, and the InstGroup that stores the results.

What this means is that all movement paths or movable area results are to be stored in only one InstGroup object. This means that all group names in the InstGroup must be unique.

Note the use of mover’s UID as a string to uniquely identify the group name where its path is stored (eg “path &mover.uid). This applies to the movable area, too.

EDIT: Rex has advised to use the InstGroup.PrivateGroup() expression as a convenience function, which escaped my notice. Definitely cleaner, and easier to type. Thanks, Rex. 🙂

2017-03-10 15_47_19-Parameters for slg_ Get moving path