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Animation and intentions


Animation being in sheets, can then be driven by separate variables that describe a few properties of an animation. These properties (also called intentions) are:

  • Action
    • idle
    • move
    • wepout
    • wepin
    • shoot
  • Pose
    • up
    • down
  • Speed
    • walk
    • run
  • Wep
    • unarmed
    • armed small
    • armed medium
    • armed large

Each of these properties are termed ‘intention’, which means that player intends, for example, to have a ‘walk’ speed, an ‘up’ pose, and ‘unarmed’. So when the ‘move’ action is called, it will find the appropriate animation to match ‘walk, up, unarmed’. If a ‘wepout’ action is called, that would not yield an animation, because the ‘intended’ weapon is ‘unarmed’. If the ‘wep’ was changed to ‘armed small’, then the animation will yield the player in standing pose, drawing a small weapon. The speed intention is not relevant here, of course; it’s only relevant when a specific action is needed to query that intention.

Multiple intentions

Multiple intentions are assumed in the system. This enables a number of actions and intentions to be strung up together to make a sequence of movements one after the other. Multiple intention are basically stringing up a series of intentions by commas; eg a:idle, a:move,p:dn,s:walk,w:u. Note the ‘a’, ‘p’, ‘s’, and ‘w’ prefixes which denote ‘action’, ‘pose’, ‘speed’, and ‘wep’, respectively. This specifically switches those intentions .

Note that even in animation maps, there is a key called ‘next_anim‘ which automatically moves from one animation to another. However, multiple intentions are prioritised first, so that if the intentions are written like a:wepin,a:wepout, then animation plays¬†‘wepin’ first, then ‘wepout’, but it will ignore the ‘next_anim‘ value of ‘wepin’. Since ‘wepout’ is the last intention, it will move to the animation of ‘wepout’s’ ‘next_anim‘, if any.