Interaction system


The Interaction system attempts to unify the logic of all system related to talking with and action upon NPCs. It considers the two main conditions, which are State conditions (the state of an NPC) and the global player Accomps (accomplishments).

Currently, there are two subsystems: the Actionstrip system, and the  Convo system.

The Actionstrip system is the entry point for any interaction (excluding combat) in the game. The Actionstrip may initiate a Convo which brings up that system.

The Convo system is more specific in that it concentrates its data around Topics and Choices.

Each of these systems use human-readable ascii data and parses it out internally in a dict where the game runtime will lookup the needed keys on-demand.

The human-readable ascii data is formatted in such a way that makes it as easy as possible to author behaviours (Actionstrip) and dialogue trees (Convo).


The syntax between the sources of Actionstrip and Convo systems are unified in terms of grammar. However, the syntactical meanings change depending on the system using it. Because of this the syntax will be described in their own context in their own documentation.


Knowledgebase for creating a Construct 2 isometric game.

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