Weapon list

Here is a list of possible weapons.

  • Shokgun (pistol) – designed for use by robots to subdue humans, it has proven also effective at shocking robots, too. Short-range, low-rate of fire, good concealment even when drawn. Efficient use of energy cells. Easy to find, and possibly the first weapon that can be available to the player. Effective on smaller robots that may prove to be nuisance. This is a damaging pistol (not stun).
  • Berator (pistol) – rapid firing pistol with low damage. Good choice to have if accuracy is low, as there is more chance to score a hit on a per round basis.
  • The Python (pistol) – a big-ass pistol, but a pistol nonetheless. Low capacity, low rate of fire, but big in damage and medium-range, the longest range of any pistol. Use this for assault.
  • Pony-19 (pistol) – a sturdy all-round close defense pistol: high capacity, reasonable rate of fire and damage.
  • SG-X (subgun) – higher rate of fire than the Berator pistol, has the same damage effect but has a larger energy capacity.
  • SG-Y (subgun) – a solid short/medium-range weapon with a lower rate of fire than SGX, but packs a powerful punch.
  • SG-Z (subgun) – a very short-range weapon that as a rate of fire so high that the full capacity can be discharged in 2 seconds. If player accuracy is good, and most of the rounds hit, this subgun can kill a heavy robot in one go. Great for close-up robot assassination. 🙂
  • Betamax (rifle) – a powerful rifle with excels in range and damage. Low rate of fire. Limited shots per reload
  • Plasmax (rifle) – a versatile medium-range rifle that has a good rate of fire and packs a heavy punch. Generous shots per reload but consumes a lot of energy.
  • Stunbomber (rifle) – a grenade launcher that lobs stun bombs with an area effect.
  • Blackminder (rifle) – a very rare weapon which lobs EMP grenades. These EMP grenades are dangerously effective against robots, and have an area effect. Unfortunately, robots disabled by EMP grenades cannot be salvaged for energy or usable equipment.



The wep_dict Dictionary represents an instantiated weapon in the scene.

Limiting the number of weapons in-game

I’m thinking of limiting the number of weapons to 1 per type. This is because it simplifies the association of an equipped weapon by the player, and keeps everything in track. If a weapon is limited to 1, each weapon is considered unique. And thus all weapons can be instantiated at the beginning, and then only associated when necessary.



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