This blog forms the knowledgebase for creating an isometric (and trimetric) game in Construct 2.

The game’s working name is Citizen 2401, a unabashed nod to Chuck Bueche’s 2400AD, which I played when I was kid. Reading the manuals, and playing the game again as an adult, I realised I glossed over a lot of things back then. I remember playing it and imagining quite a different world than what the manual’s illustrations were hinting at. It’s that childhood interpretation and feeling that I want to put a finger on, and hence my effort to build a world that in some way reflected my imagination back then.

Much of the plugin development to achieve an isometric game comes from Rex. Many thanks to his efforts, without which C2 would not be viable gamedev platform for me. His expansive plugin repository is worth many years of development, and has proven many times to be not just useful, but necessary.