Startup C2 Objects

C2 is not that great with modularity or even copy-pasting across different projects. So here is a list of objects needed.


  • AJAX
  • GBoard (Board) – tile graphic placement
  • MBoard (Board) – movement logic board
  • GSquareTx (SquareTx) – for GBoard
  • MSquareTx (SquareTx) – for MBoard
  • Gslg (SLGMovement) – for GBoard
  • Mslg (SLGMovement) – for MBoard
  • ig (InstanceGroup)
  • Gmask (LogicMask) – mask for use with GBoard
  • pmover (Sprite) – player mover
  • nmover (Sprite) – npc mover
  • gtoken (Sprite) – token for use with the GBoard to get logic position and other uses
  • tmx (TMX Importer V2)
  • tmxparser (TMX XML Parser)
  • CSV2Dictionary
  • CSV2Array
  • Audio
  • Browser – debugging
  • fn (Function2M)
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • NWjs
  • ZSorter
  • Edges

Instance based

  • AText (Text) – adventure text, for narration, NPC, and player specific. Container-grouped with pmover, or nmover for picking purposes.

f_atexters – those that can display


  • gridmove_dir_lookup (Array) – converts GridMove logical directions (0-7) to snap angles (0-315).
  • gridmove_dir_lookup_rev (Dictionary) – Converts snap angles to GridMove logical directions. Keys are snap angles, values are logical directions.
  • DirectionArray (Array) – an array of all possible snap angles. Size of 8, (0-315)
  • gridmove_seq_dir_lookup (Array) – remaps GridMove’s logical directions to a sequential, clockwise manner, so that starting from 0 (facing down right in screen space), each facing increment adds 1 to the facing id.
  • gridmove_seq_dir_cardinal (Dictionary) – Refering to the sequential directions above, this relates a cardinal direction to a direction integer. Eg “N”=0, “NE”=4.
  • adventure_text (Dictionary) – contains adventure text. This will be instantiated later on based on room.

Debug (Text)

  • info_p – for player
  • info_n – for npc
  • info_mt – for MBoard tiles
  • info_gt – for GBoard tiles
  • info_w – for walls

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