Workflow: Destroying objects at start

When dealing with things like SLG Pathfinding, destroy pathfinding objects at the start and create them through events.

One of the stickier issues I’ve faced is that when objects are instantiated in the Layout, as they need to be for the engine to work properly, creating a new object will instantiate it again. So now, you have 2 objects.

When picking the first object is picked, which is not the object that was either instantiated to the Board or whatever.

Adding vs creating Chess on Board

I had submitted a bug report to Rex about how ‘adding’ a chess object vs ‘creating’ (ie create a logical position whilst instantiating and physically placing the chess). At first I thought it might have been related to some improper use of the Board, but it turns out that it was indeed a bug, and the Board plugin should be downloaded again.


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