Workflow: Multiple Tilesets

Dealing with multiple tilesets

C2 Sprite are used as tilesets in conjunction with TMX Importer. One Tile Sprite is considered a single tileset.

This the solution I’ve come up so far.

Use of Family Object and Nickname

Tilesets are grouped into a Family called ts_f (stands for tileset family). They have the instance variables that mimick the previous ’tile’ instance.


The addition is the Nickname plugin and its corresponding behaviour. These are essential to both instantiate and pick the correct instance of the tileset.

It’s worth nothing that I have tried native C2 methods of generating and picking instances into the SOL. However, what I have observed is that while I am able to instantiate specific Family members (by compare-picking Family instance variables), these newly created Family members were not being picked up properly into the SOL, and thus configuring these new instances were not possible.

Nickname, however, is able to generate instances and then place into the Family again. But unlike C2’s own methods, Nickname somehow allows me to reference the newly-created object by accessing the Family.

This might be a worthwhile bug report.

Because of Nickname I was able to retain all my events save several modifications as to the placement of the Tile/Chess objects. Instead of using Action:Create chess/tile, I had to use the System’s Create object to generate the Sprite instance, position it using the Board’s convenience positioning expressions (eg Board.PXY2LXY), and then use Board’s Action:Add chess/tile, which adds the entity into the Board without additionally creating an instance of it.

In summary, I am loading in tilesets manually in C2 and assigning them the name that corresponds with the ones used in Tiled. When TMX is being loaded, during Tile Placement, the tmx.TileSetname is queried and stored. This is the same being used by Nickname to instantiate that tileset/spritesheet.

Just in case it doesn’t immediately become apparent to my future self, the reason why ts_f even exists is simply to conform all tileset’s instance variables. All tilesets are put into the family to inherit the variables.



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