Gotchas: Losing ‘scope’ while calling function


The above shows a certain situation where function calls are not aware of certain changes made by other functions.

In the picture above, I call “TanimChange by uid”. Part of the events look like this:


Note that I create an instance using Nickname. All ts_f set variable directives work fine.

At the end of “TanimChange by uid” I return the uid of the newly created ts_f.

Back to the top image: when “TcoChange repost tile (ts_f.UID)” is called, it’s actually a very simple function:


All I do here is get reference the UID argument and search ts_f for the UID. Unfortunately, it doesn’t see the ts_f.

In fact, when I bypass the check and let the For each ts_f loop run, it doesn’t register the newly-created ts_f instance.

I consider this a bug, and would try to get report going and try to replicate this without using 3rd-party plugins.


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